Afise protectia

Information means power

Make available to your employees informing pamphlets and leaflets about work safety and health. Signal the risk areas, but also the prevention internal measures; and they will thank you. You get all the materials you need.

ATTENTION! No trespassing here. Or yes?

Make sure that everyone found out about the areas with accident risks or about the internal rules. A workplace with signs is a workplace where the indications that can save you from a difficult situation are respected.

What’s the thing with the information?


You keep up the signaling posters at the workplace


Don’t block the entry for… information, but offer leaflets to your employees


It is forbidden to get around respecting the norms in force


You prevent your employees’ risk to accidents

Afise si pliante SSM SU
Afise si pliante securitatea muncii situatii de urgenta

Avoid areas that are not signaled accordingly and irresponsibly!

Let’s talk! Next stop: Safety street, Prevention building, on the right.

How do you want to meet?

Together, we set up a location and time, and then we meet and discuss.

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