Occupational safety

Occupational Safety

The Seatbelt Consulting Team is at our clients’ disposal in order to ensure a safe work environment in conformity with occupational safety & health legislation.

Main activities regarding occupational safety & health:

  • Elaboration of risk assessment sheet
  • Elaboration & update of prevention & protection plan for occupational safety
  • Elaboration of in-house occupational safety & health instructions
  • Drawing-up documentation requirements for employee training in occupational safety & health
  • Theme elaboration for each phase of the training program
  • Drawing-up training and testing curriculum
  • Specific & high risk area record
  • Workplace health & safety auditing
  • Work-post safety equipment inspection and equipment requirements update
Protectia Muncii

Why work with us

We do not invoice the drafted documents

We do not invoice assistance for official audits

Our support network has national coverage

Seatbelt consultants’ trips are not invoiced

No cost for employee trainings

Our clients have free access to the online training and testing platform

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