Fire prevention & safety

Fire Prevention & Safety services include employee trainings, internal inspections, elaboration of documentation for the protection of employees and goods against the negative effects of fire accidents.

Monthly Fire Prevention & Safety and Emergency Management assistance:

  • participation in the process of implementing the measures proposed in the prevention plan
  • monitoring fire prevention and safety equipment functionality
  • decision making support for operating activities within legal fire prevention & safety guidelines: responsibilities, working with open flame, smoking interdiction in prohibited areas
  • keeping record of labor posts in need of special authorization and their implementation within legal fire prevention & safety guidelines
  • participation in unforeseen events which may occur
  • elaboration of lists and reports according to Government guidelines

Provided services

Fire risk assessment

Intervention plan elaboration

Site plan elaboration

Specific instructions for each job post

Evacuation plan elaboration

Authority decisions elaboration within legislation guidelines

Employee trainings

Fire protection instructions

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