Occupational medicine

Alexis Medical Center offers complete occupational medicine services at the highest standards. At an affordable cost we put a high price on every patient’s health, its importance to the patient, his/her family and to society being unmeasurable.

  • Occupational medicine
  • ultrasound
  • family health
  • medical lab test
  • specialized consultations
  • dentistry

We’ve been dedicating our knowledge and resources to each one of 15.000 individuals and employees of over 2.000 companies for 12 years. But we are defined not only by these numbers but also by the diligent care and attention granted to each patient. We are all different, unique in our own way. That is why at the Alexis Medical Center everyone enjoys special treatment. We believe in care, respect and professionalism. We are eager to share all this with you.



Jean Louis Calderon Street, No.45, Sector 2, Bucharest
Phone / FAX: (021) 310.04.58 / 310.04.77
Mobile: 0752.190.150
E-MAIL: office@alexis-medical.ro

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