Risk assessment

Occupational safety & health risk assessment

According to Law 319/2016 art 12 letter A

Employers are required to elaborate and be in the possession of a Occupational Safety & Health Risk Assessment, including for those groups sensitive to specific risks. Risk assessment helps employers take necessary precautions to protect the health & safety of their employees.

These measures include:

  • prevention of professional risk
  • employee training and educating
  • insuring means of implementing established measures

Risk assessment is a systematic examination of all aspects of the labor process through which one establishes:

  • the causes of possible wounds and injuries
  • possibilities for eliminating risk

Occupational safety & health risk assessment includes:

Identifying risks on the labor site in question

Quantifying and ranking risks

Establishing risk probability

Assigning risk level by function of severity

Fire prevention & safety risk assessment

Disease and injury risk assessment is the first step after beginning beneficiary collaboration. This is a vital step for the result of the analysis.

According to Law 307/2016 art 19 letter B:

  • The unit manager is required to ensure identification and assessment of fire risk within his unit and insure fire safety precautions correlation with the level and nature of the risk
  • Fire risk assessment is the process of quantifying and estimating the risk associated with a system, called existing fire risk, determined on the basis of the probability of a fire incident and its consequences, but also of comparison to a predetermined threshold, called accepted fire risk.
  • Fire safety measure, taken into consideration when determining existing fire risk, are those destined to reduce or eliminate risk factors or to limit, identify and/or neutralize a fire accident in the event of one.

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