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Without risks, without headaches

You get a full assessment of the risks, and you are ready for any situation. If it is necessary, then you’re willing. You don’t play with law or safety. Identify timely the possible risks and the appropriate measures to avert any unpleasant event.

Get rid of the red tape

Be relaxed. Don’t beat yourself over the entire legislation. You find out early which your risks are, what solutions you have to implement, and how to manage the emergency situation. You are always a step ahead because we help you to:


Prevent emergency


Eliminate risk


Avoid work


Save time
and resources

Evaluari de risc
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Be the smartest employer

Show that you care about your people and their safety. Be ready for any situation and assess early the possible risks at which you and your employees are exposed. It is better to prevent than to be sorry.

Don’t risk anything else but a bad hairstyle!

Let’s talk! Next stop: Safety street, Prevention building, on the right.

How do you want to meet?

Together, we set up a location and time, and then we meet and discuss.

Together, we set up a time, available to both of us, then we talk on go2meeting. I will provide you with the meeting link. You need only to have: