Audit SSM-SU si PSI

Your responsibility, our pleasure

Find out what is necessary to be in accordance with the law in force, what you still need, what you have covered, and how you can go on after a complete audit. Get rid of emotions when it comes to your employees’ work safety and health, and keep everything under control. When everything is up to date, ITM / ISU controls will be a piece of cake.

What do you need to know?

Sometimes it is easier, other times, a little more difficult. But when you deal with minute fine matters, the challenge is much higher. Ask for a complete audit and get rid of worries. You take care of the things that concern you directly and leave the carefulness of the audit in the hands of the experts.

What are your guarantees?


Audit in 4 steps:: initiation,
document analysis,
situation analysis, finishing


Deep verification


You get rid of emotions
when it comes to controls


Get rid of the risk
to be fined


Attention to details, under
the mother in law’s eyes.

Audit SSM-SU

When you want to see how you fare legally speaking, call a friend or a band of experts. If you want to avoid fines, though, we recommend you a second possibility.

Do you qualify for the next stage?

Let’s talk! Next stop: Safety street, Prevention building, on the right.

How do you want to meet?

Together, we set up a location and time, and then we meet and discuss.

Together, we set up a time, available to both of us, then we talk on go2meeting. I will provide you with the meeting link. You need only to have: