Platforma management protectia muncii

Advance together with your company

The needs of your company change once it develops. You need to get rid of old habits and embrace new modern technologies, which do more than half the job. The more your business increases, the more you need to implement solutions that do not leave room for errors. You need control, and total control is what you will get.

From a local company to a national business

Pay attention to every detail that makes your company. When you have more business places, the record of daily activities becomes problematic. Who remembers with exactitude at what hour in the day or night you need to change the extinguisher at the subsidiary X? It is easy: the first full management application in Romania. Designed to respond to the punctual needs of the users, the platform is dedicated to help you get rid of hassles.

How does it help you?


Clear record related to work medicine, revisions, employees’ cards etc.


Dates referring to the moment when controls and trainings are performed


Updated situation of the SSM-SU documentation in each subsidiary


Notification in real time concerning the expiration date for an extinguisher, next revisions, training expiration etc.

Management protectia muncii
Management protectia muncii online

So, you have fast and easy answers to everything you need. Everything in only one application. One single access ensures your way to success.

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