Filme de Instruire SSM SU

Engage, lights… ACTION!

Through the E-Learning Platform, your employers have access to training films adapted to your needs. You find everything you want. From video clips created to increase awareness concerning risks for your employees and up to personalized films, created by the best SSM trainers and video producers. The latter are actually based on video materials sent by you, caught by the surveillance cameras, plus frames filmed by our team in your workplace.

Get rid of fears

In about 30 minutes you find out everything. You get fast a safe and friendly workplace for your team. You make sure that your people are accordingly trained, know how to react and use the tools there are available. And, meanwhile, they are captivated, not bored, by the film they are watching, this one being created especially for them, with frames showing them or their colleagues.

Why to choose employees’ training through personalized films?


You get unique solutions
for your company


You work with the best
video producers


You work with
the best SSM-SU trainers


You give access to an impact
training and/or awareness


You prevent possible unpleasant
issues in the workplace

Filme instruire angajati
Filme de Instruire SSM

Choose SSM-SU training or informing films created by our trainers especially for your company. Attention, we’re filming!

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