Asistenta la controale ITM/asistentaimage3

Full assistance

Get rid of stress and enjoy the results. The controls from ITM/ISU authorities will not be an issue anymore. You benefit from support before, to draw up documentation and for prevention, during the control, but also after, to apply the recommended measures.

Show them that you are ready.

Can’t you sleep because of the controls from ITM / ISU? Get rid of emotions and do your homework in due time. Together, we take all the measures to prevent accidents in the workplace, so that everything is in ship shape. We make sure that the files are all right. We then train a trustful person to present the files carefully drawn up by our team. We support you also during the control, but also after, by implementing the requirements.

What do you get?


Full assistance


Documentation drawn up
by professionals


Less stress,
less emotions


More sleep
at night


More time for
your business.

Asistenta la controale ITM
Asistenta la controale ISUasistentaimage3

You are in good hands. Even if the date of the control approaches, you can breathe relieved, drink a good coffee, and enjoy the experience. Everything else is already set up.

Do you feel ready?

Let’s talk! Next stop: Safety street, Prevention building, on the right.

How do you want to meet?

Together, we set up a location and time, and then we meet and discuss.

Together, we set up a time, available to both of us, then we talk on go2meeting. I will provide you with the meeting link. You need only to have: