We are Seatbelt. A company established in 2011 based on the wish to lead the work safety field into a new era. The principle is basic. At our turn, we also train ourselves in that concerning the legislation in force. But, let’s be serious, laws are boring if they are not understood by everybody.

Many times, safety in the workplace has been treated superficially. We say STOP! We started on this way with the firm belief that things could be done otherwise, and our clients confirmed it.

Who are we?




Super strong in a boring field


We show flexibility to the organizations we work with


Crazy efficient

Construction Helmet


What we wish for?

We want and succeed to change behaviors and perceptions about safety in the workplace. With us, employees are protected and employers relaxed.

How do we do that?

We offer you personalized service packages, adapted to your needs. Everything is thought in the slightest detail. Everyone took the step. Everyone fastened their seatbelt. Come on! Do it too!


When do we want it?

Every day. The people who know us guarantee for us. Professionalism served promptly defines us. Modesty belongs to the ones that have nothing to say. We count on our teams of professionals, which keep growing, on respect, correctitude, and integrity.

Choose more than a collaborator.
Seatbelt is your road partner.
Protect the future!